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SALVOS WOMEN: THE TERRITORIAL PROJECT 2016 (Video Clip & Other Resources)

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The Salvos Women Territorial Project 2016 is a twofold project.

Human trafficking and slavery are trapping and hurting women all over the world - and this includes Australia. When victims are rescued from slavery; including sexual, domestic and industrial servitude they need a safe place to live. The Safe House provides not only physical security, but also a place where women can be loved, provided for, educated, and helped to eventually enter the paid workforce and find independent accommodation. 

Young women from Papua New Guinea who attend the Discipleship School for the one-year program will return to Papua New Guinea and take up leadership roles in their own communities and churches.



Download and display the project poster in your corps or centre.



The YouTube clip is found here and can be shown to help your people understand the need. Please note: a DVD of this clip can be requested from Fay Foster at THQ.


We ask that women's groups raise money to support this project.
The money should be sent to the Territorial President for Women's Ministry at THQ, or journalled to account 0002-0420-00-09101.


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