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OTHERS week 2016 will be celebrated throughout the Australian Eastern Territory from 12th-19th of June.
If these dates do no suit you our your Faith Community perfectly you are encouraged to choose a different date that works for you to celebrate OTHERS week.

The theme of this year’s OTHERS week is "Heart to God, Hand to Man". 


This week is an opportunity for us all to again encourage our people to:

SEEK – Seek God, spend time with Him, listen for His voice, seek His kingdom purpose in your community,  ask Him how best we can show love and kindness to those around us, look to see where He is at work;

SHARE -  Share our faith journeys, share in church, in small groups, with friends and family and co-workers, share with each other what we believe God is saying to us and where He is leading us to act;

SERVE – Serve OTHERS, follow those God promptings inviting you to love and to demonstrate kindness.  Corporately and individually, serve our communities;

CELEBRATE – Celebrate our incredibly good, kind God. Celebrate and give thanks for the love and kindness we are blessed with in community, and celebrate the Kingdom work and acts of kindness we have been privileged to give to OTHERS.


Our superhero Captain Kindness will be inspiring children everywhere to be kind and helpful to others. Captain Kindness and Kind Kid lead the Kind Kids Club. To join the Kind Kids Club, children need to accept a mission (specific ways of being helpful and kind) and recite the Kind Kids plege (specific children's resources are also available for download). 


OTHERS Week resources available for download are:

  • OTHERS week 2016 poster
  • OTHERS week logo - Heart to God, Hand to Man
  • Art competition poster
  • Art competition entry form
  • Encouragement cards order form
  • Encouragement Card – printable
  • OTHERS T-shirt order form
  • Salvos Caring resource order form
  • Seniors on Mission devotional
  • 5-part Bible study: Heart to God, hand to man
  • OTHERS Week SOAP Bible reading plan
  • OTHERS Week Sermon Outline
  • Kindness Shoutout Poster

  Resources For Kids: 

  • Captain Kindness & Kind Kid poster
  • Kind Kids Club pledge card
  • Kind Kids Club Mission - Put Others First
  • Captain Kindness & Kind Kid Colouring competition - Genral Poster
  • Colouring competition – Captain Kindness
  • Colouring competition – Captain Kindness & Kind Kid
  • Colouring competition – Kind Kid
  • Captain Kindness logo

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