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mainly music (Early Childhood Program)

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What is mainly music?

A fun, interactive weekly music session for 0-5 year olds and their caregivers.

What’s the purpose?

To help pre-schoolers and their caregivers connect with each other, with their peers, with music and with a healthy church community.

How much does it cost?

  • Initial set up package for mainly music is $300 (plus $30 GST).
  • There is also a monthly cost, but this is usually covered by those who attend*.

*Please contact your area coach for more information about costs

How many people do I need to start?

  • You will need at least six volunteers. They will take on various roles (e.g. morning tea, welcoming, session leading)

Do I need to do official training?

Yes, you do need to do training that is on-line and supported by an Operations Manual and Music Manual. There are on-going workshops to keep your team fresh and focused on the session and purpose.

Can I adapt the program to fit my context?

Yes! mainly music is very versatile. There are non-negotiables that every group must adhere to.

What resources will I receive?

  • The operations manual with step-by-step instructions for operating mainly music.
  • All music, props, session plans and Powerpoint slides
  • Resources you can use to enhance your sessions
  • You will receive on-going resources through a quarterly package along with access to an extensive website of resources and the support of an Area Coach
  • Promotional materials to help you advertise your group

How do I find out more?

Development Coach will are available to help your church consider the possibilities for mainly music in your context.

They will walk you through the application and start up process and provide on-going support.

Call the mainly music Support Centre – 03 9720 3310 or 1300 668 496


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