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Living Our Vision Sermons - week 6, With The Love of Jesus

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We have to be relevant if we are to reach our nation with the gospel. We also need to be strong, united and mobilised to impact our nation – not independent units, but one movement. 

The Army is in a unique position to transform our nation, because we are across the nation. To have national impact we need a single, national Vision. That’s what today’s commitment is all about - we need to be aligned, working together, heading in the same direction.

Can you imagine what can happen we live out this Vision together?

What do you see?

  • I see a Army that is a vibrant and diverse community, where the focus is person: not issues, definitions and not labels.
  • I see an army that is united, a holistic community that cares for the whole person in body, mind and spirit; that wherever you find the Red Shield you’ll find people caring for one another, working together, and meeting needs in daily practical ways.
  • I see an Army that is always seeking a better way – always willing to try something new,
  • An Army that isn’t afraid to change that has the courage to ask the questions that need to be asked, that challenges the status quo, that is full of pioneering, radical and self-sacrificing Salvos,
  • People who partnering with others – sharing skills and resources – part of a global mission to bring transformation, hope and love of Jesus.
  • I see an Army of salvation, where Christ at centre and all humankind are valued.

That’s what we’re signing up today…

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