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Living Our Vision Sermons - Week 4, Alongside Others

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For over 150 years The Salvation Army has been coming alongside others and helping them through some of life’s most difficult circumstances. We are a people who roll up our sleeves and get the job done. TSA is a Movement made up of people with diverse skills, abilities and passions – focused on helping others.

 A.     The four men were motivated by relationship.

  • He wasn’t a prayer project, he was a person
  • We don’t come alongside others because it makes us look good.
  • All of humankind is made in the image of God.

Point One: We are motivated to come alongside others because of Jesus’ love.

 B.     The person with paralysis needed the help of others to come to Jesus.

  • His life would not have changed if others did not come alongside him.
  • There are issues in life that cannot be overcome without the help of others.
  • Even Jesus needed someone to help carry His cross.

Point Two: We can all carry someone, and we all need to be carried from time to time.

C.     Nothing was going to get in the way of these men bringing their friend to Jesus.

  • They didn’t let the crowd or the roof stop them.
  • God raised up The Salvation Army in a time when church goers didn’t want the marginalised, poor, or outcast in the church.
  • Sometimes we need to cast off tradition for the sake of mission.

Point Three: Nothing should stand in the way of helping those in need.

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