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Living Our Vision Sermons - Week 3, Live, Love, and Fight

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We are all driven by a common cause to help others and make a difference. We may not be all Salvationists, but we are all Salvos. Unlike other charitable organisations, we have a dual purpose: to preach the gospel and to alleviate suffering. Jesus is at the centre of all we do


  1. A.     Salvos
  • Example of Salvo ministry:

  • The heart of our mission is sharing the love of Jesus.

Point One: Being a Salvo is all about living out the gospel and helping others where we can.


  1. B.     Live: The afflicted person had spiritual encounter with Jesus
  • Jesus intentionally went to hard places others would not go.
  • No religious person at that time would have sought this man out – but Jesus did!
  • Jesus gave up His throne in heaven for a basin and wash towel.

Point Two: We’re known for being there in the hard places, fighting for equity and justice. 


  1. C.     Love: The afflicted person had practical encounter with Jesus
  • This person who had spent years excluded was now in community.
  • This person who was once chained, isolated and naked was now dressed.
  • This person who was tormented was now in his right mind

Point Three: Caring for the whole person is what being a Salvo is all about.


  1. D.    Fight: : The afflicted person had personal encounter with Jesus
  • Part of this person’s restoration was to share the gospel of Christ.
  • It’s not the size of our churches we should worry about – but the size of our impact on our communities.
  • It’s not a “bless me” club but a “bless others” commission.

Point Four: We make the effort to tell and show others.

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