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Living Our Vision Sermons - Week 2, Addressing Hardship and Injustice

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God desires the needs of the marginalised to be met, and here at The Salvation Army, we know the best response to hardship and injustice is the kingdom of God. One of our Mission Intentions is Working for Justice and it is at the core of all we do. God wants everyone to experience a life that is free from oppression, abuse, addiction, and injustice.

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A.     A life of hardship (Mark 5:25-34)

  • This meant that she was excluded from society in many ways.
  • She didn’t chose it, she didn’t want it, she couldn’t get rid of it.
  • As she touched the hem of Jesus’ rob, she was restored.

Point One: Jesus has the power to restore all areas of life.

B.     Challenging systems of injustice

  • This woman’s life was restricted because of systems and customs.
  • The woman’s life was changed because she reached out to Jesus.
  • Living out the Gospel calls us to challenge structures and customs that oppress.

Point Two: The Salvos are known for our ability to help others and to walk alongside others as they work to reach their potential                                            

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