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Living Our Vision Children's Resources

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Introduction: The need for vision Meet Bartimaeus in Mark chapter 10. The children will be introduced to the “Vision Map” which will be the main visual aid for the six week campaign. The map can be printed as an enlarged PDF or used as a powerpoint background. As we travel The Salvos journey, we will encounter many people like “Bart” who Jesus reached out to. For our journey we will need a few things (map, compass, rope) that we will unpack from our backpack each week.

Week One: Hardship and Injustice Ice-cream for breakfast anyone? It’s easy to do the fun thing, but much harder to do the right thing. This week, we follow Jesus to the hard places and remind kids that Salvos have a history and a future of standing for justice in the most unpopular situations.

Week Two: Live Love and Fight We introduce the kids today to our key phrase of the campaign. How Salvos Live Love and Fight is at the heart of God’s work of restoration. Today we look at a broken man, play a game of “60 second makeover” and travel back in time to re-live the Booths vision.

Week Three: Alongside Others What happens when four mates come alongside each other and get a friend to Jesus? This week the children will explore how The Salvos can partner with friends and neighbours to bring others to Jesus.

Week Four: One Life at a time How does God change people? Can God use us in this? Transformation is not all about the outside, it’s about the inside and it takes time. Today we see how Jesus changed Levi’s life and how God’s love urges us to change and see others change.

Week Five: With the Love of Jesus Today we gather in corporate worship as families. Children will be encouraged to find their place in the vision for The Salvos, and see how they can live, love and fight with the love of Jesus. Junior Soldiers will also be given the opportunity to renew their promise.

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