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Guards & Rangers


Enrolment as a Guard (girls) or Ranger (boys) follows the successful completion of the enrolment tasks. The Guard or Ranger may then wear the uniform and commence work on the program. The program includes camping, sports, life skills, Bible knowledge, community service, first aid, emergency procedures and a variety of hobbies such as craft, woodwork and designing 


Guards & Rangers are part of the SAGALA program. SAGALA is a ministry program for 5-17 year olds. It seeks to build integrity, provide community service experience, teach life skills and promote leadership development.  

The gospel of Jesus Christ is unapologetically shared through the program.    

SAGALA sections all have distinctive uniforms, laws, mottos and prayers.

If you are interested in starting up a SAGALA group in your church, check out the information and guidelines HERE!

There are several features common to all sections – the Purpose Statement, the SAGALA membership badge, the Pledge and the salute. Each age group (i.e. Explorers and Moonbeams, Adventurers and Sunbeams, and Guards and Rangers) has its own law, prayer and motto. 

If you're after resources for Moonbeams & Explorers (5-6 years old), please click HERE!

If you're after resources for Sunbeams & Adventurers (7-10 years old), please click HERE!

Food for Life Document

Food for Life

This resource will help raise 11-17 year olds' awareness of healthy food choices.

Category: Life Skills, Training / How-To

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Getting Along Document

Getting Along

The resource will develop 11-17 year olds basic knowledge on how to develop the abillity to get along with others.

Category: Life Skills

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Domestic Engineer Document

Domestic Engineer

SKILLS: This resource will provide 11-17 year olds with the knowledge and skills in basic home duties.

Category: Life Skills

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Lookin' Good Document

Lookin' Good

SELF: This resource will help 11-17 year olds develop their self-esteem through personal grooming.

Category: Life Skills

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Fit for Life Document

Fit for Life

SELF: This resource will encourage 11-17 year olds of the importance of physical activity and fitness.

Category: Life Skills

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CPR (First Aid) Document

CPR (First Aid)

SERVICE: A resource to help 11-17 year olds understand correct and current Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation skills.

Category: Life Skills

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Cool Tools Document

Cool Tools

SPECIALTIES: A resource to help 11-17 year olds gain skills, knowledge and confidence in the use of different tools.

Category: Life Skills

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Community Service Document

Community Service

SERVICE: A resource to enable 11-17 year olds to engage in community service.

Category: Life Skills

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Car Care Document

Car Care

SKILLS: A resource to teach 11-17 year olds about basic car maintenance.

Category: Life Skills

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Bush Beat Document

Bush Beat

SKILLS: A resource to give 11-17 year olds the knowledge and skills involved in navigation and hiking.

Category: Life Skills

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